Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a beautiful surprise

Tonya from North Carolina just brightened my day with my mini-quilt arrival in the mail. And four fat quarters as well. What a fun way to share some happiness in this world. I love the colors.

Had to include a picture of "the girls". We have been keeping Allison's two dogs for two weeks while they visit family in Michigan. I just love the attention they give. Bailey is the big Golden Retriever. She is by far the best behaved and loving animal I have known. Elly is the small beautiful "muttress" Allison adopted when she was at Clemson. Elly is on Grandpa's "sh__ list" for her trips to the basement and her misbehaviors. Then there is our own Abby that is hyperactive, ADD, and as Vince names it, TDD (too d---- dumb). She does love unconditionally however.


  1. What fun! Your swap gift is beautiful. And I see your partner got the one you made as well - saw it on her blog today. Great timing!

  2. Hi,
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment on the cd picture frame. I'm a little late with the reply, but trying to catch up on emails. I had to reply here, because you are a "no reply" in my inbox and can't respond back. Just became a follower on your blog it.
    Have a great weekend,
    ps. not sure if you want to be a "no reply" but if you want to know how to change that so people can reply to you, just let me know...I'd be glad to help.

  3. It looks so good on your table. I'm glad you like.

  4. Sounds like Abby is like my SueSue or Suess as I call her sometimes, or dip s**t or dingle berry... whatever I think of at the time I need to get her attention. I fondly say she is our 'blonde' schnauzer. She's kinda like that dang pink drumming rabbit that keeps on going and going. What a wonderful little mini-quilt.


  5. What a beautiful mini quilt! Lovely cheerful colors.