Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunshine and Snow Plops

I am working in the great room a few feet from the skylight.  Every now and again, the snow drops from the upper roof to the lower roof of our great room and a loud plop alarms the dog and cat.  It is enough to awaken the dead.  I am sitting in the sun doing the work I can do while waiting for tomorrow.  Doctor asked that I not visit any schools today as we have a tremendous amount of influenza cases and she doesn't want me to be exposed before surgery.  I am really able to catch up on some necessary details and reading which is good.
I knitted a bonnet for Magdalyn while I was watching the Oscars last night.  I am just so in love with PINK.  I found the sparkly rose in DC and just knew I could make a darling hat for our little angel to wear.  I wish I knew where I bought the ribbon like yarn.  The ruffly brim will frame her face.  I will ask Allison to take a picture so you can see it too.
I tried to make some blocks for a Benevolent Project on Saturday but the iron is too heavy to lift.  I will have to take advantage of the help offered by friends to finish the blocks.  The quilt will be all batiks and the pattern is called Roll On.  From the looks of just one block, I think it will be delightful.  The cream batik will be used by all 8 of us making blocks and the other batiks come from stash.  A high school group of students who work on creating skits regarding issues will sell tickets to raise money so they can get additional training for their work.  The group is called "Spoof".
I seem to be able to knit with my lame shoulder.  We'll see if I can after surgery.  If not, I will just read and try to relax.  Vince is working on our new table for the great room.  We designed an intimate size for us to enjoy time together while we share a bowl of oatmeal or soup.  He loves using hand tools for his wood working.  We are a "crafty" pair.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

D@&$ Rotator Cuff

I went upstairs to my clean quilting room to try to do some work and I can't even lift the iron due to the tear in the rotatro cuff.  I will persist tomorrow as if I can atleast sew the binding on some boutique burpees, I could do the hand work after the surgery on Tuesday.  I though of yet another UFO, I have started a "present" pattern lap quilt I need to add to the list. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Far Too Long

I have been knitting and doing a little quilting but it seems the shoulder will not allow me to lift the iron to press so I don't get too much done without pain.  I have set a goal to complete many unfinished objects folded neatly in the quilting room.  Last month Vince and I moved shelving around and added some shelves to the closet off my quilting room and I did a major cleaning job.  I decided I would not buy any fabric unless I needed it to finish a UFO.  I must stick with this.  Sew. . . this is a start to the list:  a diaper bag for Cathy's daughter-in-law (the baby was born last week, oops), a beautiful Woodland greetings quilt for our bed (the charm packs were a gift from a friend who knows I love cardinals), the Christmas star blocks from a share-a-block project need to be put together into a quilt, the Wildflowers blocks from a share-a-block project need to be put together into a quilt, and now I have started the Saturday Sampler at the Pin Cushion and must complete my block each month (I selected the batik colorway).  That is a start.  I am going to add a picture of Magdalyn in the dress I knit for her first Valentine's Day.  She is eight months old.