Monday, November 30, 2009

Sew Lucky Am I

It has been a frantic month but I have had some time to quilt and see my grandboys. I had to get online immediately because Vince gave me my birthday present early. Tonight when I came home he had carried my gift up to the quilting room and I had to show all of you. He designed it himself to hold my grandmother's sewing machine head that I have always cherished. He cleaned it up as it was covered with a sticky grime from being anywhere except in a house for years. We converted the treadle feet and drawers to a sewing table for me many years ago but the head has always been saved for something special. Here it is, all polished up except for the worn off painting where it has been used. The three little drawers are for quilting threads, scissors and tools, and buttons. The middle shelf holds my books and magazines and the bottom shelf accommodates my seasonal stash (can be changed to meet the seasonal needs I am working on). I just love it!