Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From second floor to basement

When Vince and I bought our home in 1997, we were the fifth family to live in this house.  The first project was to put an egress window in the lower level room (originally the maid's sitting room) and add a shower in the space taken from the laundry room.  This was the first student bedroom we had and when the college students stopped living with us, it became the guest room. 

On the second floor of our house we have three bedrooms and two baths.  The bedroom on the front of our house has now become my office.  The bedroom on the back of the house is a beautiful room with huge windows and the southern exposure assures warmth and sunlight.  Everything is great except the size.  Four years ago when we bought my Grand Quilter we realized the room is just 13 feet by 10 feet so it has been a COZY quilting room.

While working on our Christmas projects my friends and I have been scheming about how we could use more space.  Dah-da.  The room in the basement is 13 feet by 16 feet!  So the moving has begun.
I will post pictures later today.

This large bookcase was in the guest bedroom in the basement.  We moved it out into the hallway outside the bedroom and put all of my special children's book that I use when I teach Children's Literature or have a captive grandchild on my lap.  Then I began to move my yarn stash out of the closet in the former quilting bedroom.  These are all special yarns which I have separated from the C&C stuff that is not so special.

The first piece to be moved was my design wall.  Just a piece or oilcloth (that is what my Grandma called it) reversed and hung on a nice looking board Vince mounted near the ceiling of the west wall of the new room next to the door.  Two of the projecs are finished on the design wll and I just wanted you to see them.  I am expecially pleased with cabin scene.  On the back of the door I will have a place to hang finished projects like the "I Believe in Santa"  wall hanging.  The beautiful crocheted afghan hanging was a gift from my grandmother many years ago.  She was an artist in her own rights.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Moving to a new room

I will add pictures to the page when I get things situated.  In the meantime I want to share two pictures I have taken lately.  One was in the apple orchard in Minnesota and the other was my flight home from Michigan.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas is coming

Recently some friends and I decided to consolidate our stash and begin working on Christmas projects to use for gifts.  We meet once a week and cut, press, and sew together.  We make three of everything so that each one of us has one to keep or give as we see fit.  Thus far we have made two wall hangings, three table runners and this week we made a lap throw for each of us.  The time when we are together flies by and we seem to get a great deal done.
I will atch some pictures of what we have accomplished.  I have always wanted to get things done ahead of time and not feel the pressure of last minute sewing and this year we are doing it.