Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life is about using all the crayons in the box

Read this on a billboard yesterday and it spurred my need to write on my blog.  I find there are certain days I go into the quilting room and I am drawn to colors and not so much to other colors.  I am brainstorming the fabric for one of my "package" design quilts for a Christmas gift.  I am just fascinated by the number of red hues there are in the industry.  So because of that, I have decided to use forest green with the black background piece I have decided to use.  Pictures later.
About the crayons in the box. . .  Lately I have been pulling them out like crazy.  My primary color has been blue as it relates to my husband and his health issues right now.  It seems we have spent two months in and out of medical offices.  I have been taking my knitting along to stay calm and wait for results of tests and appointments.  I am blue about his pain, frustrations, and the worry of what the prognosis may be.
Another color vivid to my life this past week was yellow.  I spent six days working the field with colleagues from Ohio.  We are working with teachers to promote innovation in their classrooms to make the learning more relevant and culturally appropriate.  I feel bright yellow when I think about the changes in these Native American childrens' education as the result of the planning their teachers did last week.
I am red with excitement regarding our family vacation coming up next week.  The chance for Papa and I to spend a week with our children and their families is just too much to anticipate.  I am planning games and meals and can hardly wait to swim and watch them have some fun.

Monday, July 9, 2012

It Is About Time. . .

Time is something we waste, watch, and lose if we are not careful.  Time is a matter of priority.  I have been thinking about posting because I really have been busy sewing and creating but then time gets away from me.
I have a number of projects to share with pictures and I will start doing that with this blog.  I have been organizing and trying to make reason out of my chaos in the sewing room.  Vince has helped with that and I will show you his addition.  I have a new sewing machine which is lovely.  Finally I had a chat on Saturday with two quilting friends and we started to plan for our Christmas projects.  We met at my house because I won the prize for most stash and we have a great start on our first endeavor.  I will keep you posted.
Now for my first update.  My friends at the Chamberlain quilt shop sent me a pattern last spring for a birthday crown and we decided this would be a nifty tradition for our little Magdalyn.  So she is wearing the crown I made her for her second birthday which was in June.