Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've Been Sew Busy

I have completed 14 Boutique Burpees (Allison's friends are having babies and the shop down town has a supply to sell now). The fabric for one of them is sew cool I wanted to show you a closeup picture.

Last night Marilyn and I went over to Sara's for dinner and sewing. We each made a grommet purse and it went together very quickly and nicely. I plan to make another this evening for me to take on our vacation this Friday. Four fat quarters and away you go.

I also finished a Christmas wall hanging. Lots of hand sewing going on while I recuperate from the surgery. I am planning to take plenty in the car this weekend as well. Need to get a wedding gift completed this week to take along to bind as well.
Must go back to work but didn't want you to think I have been deprived of creative sewing time.


  1. Slvia, you punched my button with your Christmas Wall Hanging. We are Santa Nuts around our home. And what a batch of Burpees you whipped up. I'm glad you are feeling up to doing some sewing and quilting.


  2. Hi! I love your grommet purse and was wondering if you can share with me the pattern information? Or are you one of those wonderful quilters that I admire who can whip up something without a pattern? As a totally newbie quilter I am still very much at the "I need a pattern" stage! Thanks!

  3. Denise, I tried to post to your blog but it didn't work. Oh me, the pattern is a Wallen & Grommet by Debbie Bowles. You can go to their website for more info. www.mapleislandquilts.com Good luck and I shall follow your blog as well.

  4. I just love your creations. I love that bag!