Friday, May 1, 2009

Call Me Compulsive

I signed up for this today - a quilt swap on a wonderful blog.

Actually treevillemary had it on her blog. I think this will be fun. Just one more project for me to get started.

Did I tell you that a few of us are making a quilt for my grandson's teacher who is starting a foundation? She had fought breast cancer this year. The quilt is going to be black white with pink. I will take a picture of the four blocks that I made for it. We are each making 4 of each block and then will mix. It is soooooooo neat!


  1. The mini quilt swap looks like fun. You inspired me to sign up too! It will be fun to trade something with someone via the mail.

    And I finished my breast cancer blocks on Friday so I'm so anxious to see everyone's together.

  2. My partner/lady is from Germany.... that will be interesting. Was great to meet you in person on Sat. Sylvia.