Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rolling On

My friend, Sara, took this picture on Tuesday night when we gathered at Marilyn's house to put the 80 blocks (16 made by 5 of us) together. Marilyn suggested the design and bought the book for the pattern. The pattern is called "Rolling On" which is most appropriate as we are making it for a raffle to support a foundation being started by my grandson, Dillon's, teacher who is Mrs. M. She was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and her students have rallied for her fight against this horrible disease.
You can see more pictures on Sara's blog (see my favorites). I couldn't believe how rapidly it went together with each of us pinning, stitching, pressing, and trimming. I love being with my friends and creating something while we are together. Dillon picked out the backing which is the softest cotton and we will quilt it on Saturday at my house. The veteran quilters tell me that since it is somewhat busy in fabric and design, we should quilt it in a rather simplistic manner, probably large meandering. Some lucky person will have this gorgeous quilt in their home by the end of June. The blocks were quick and easy to make. Tina suggested it would be a nifty pattern for scraps. Our blocks are shades of pink, white, and black. I am hoping Sara will make a computerized label for the back so that 100 years from now someone will know that in 2009 people cared about people and making a difference meant using your talents to create something useful and beautiful for others!
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