Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have been having some great fun finishing projects. First, I finished my summer mini quilt swap and it is packaged ready to go to Europe. Can't tell you any more than that. I named it Dew on the Daisy. I really think it is quite pretty.

I also finished the pillow and lap throw for my nephew and his bride to be on September 12th. I love Holly Taylor's Moda fabric and this year's is no exception. The lap throw is the "Cabin Fever" created for Frosted Memories. I added a border so that it is a bit bigger and I used the Qbot to quilt snowflakes on the cornerstones and inner border. I think it turned out quite well. If you click on the cornerstone I think you can see the snowflake. Loads of love anyway.


  1. I love that second pillow. It looks like Christmas to me and that's my favorite time. Good job on the throw and on 'The Dew On The Daisy', too.


  2. Hi Sylvia!
    I want to thank you for the lovely quilt you sent to me. It arrived savely in Austria and I really like it.