Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sew Where Have I Been?

There is just no excuse for not blogging! I have been busy with work and now we are traveling, but there is just no excuse for not blogging! Actually, I have been working on some projects. I mailed my friendship bag to Australia. I have started on my Fall Mini Quilt Swap. I have been working on getting some fall wall hangings done. But most of all, I have been using my trusty book, Quilters Travel Companion that my brother and sister-in-law gave me for Christmas last year.
Vince and I have been on a well-needed vacation. We left Mitchell last Friday night and this is our seventh night on the road. The foliage we have seen is certainly the most beautiful of God's quilts. The roads through Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky were gorgeous, but when we drove into the mountains of Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland the expanse was breathtaking. The weather in Williamsburg was warm and sunny and I needed that. We also took in the drive to the Delmarva Peninsula and the sight of water gave me a thrill.
Today, however, I visited a most delightful quilt shop in Ohio. I have visited many on our trip but this shop was special. Kathryn, the owner, helped tally up my purchases and I told her that I was going to spread the word on this wonderful place. Lucky are the people who live near Springfield, Ohio (not Illinois) as Creative Fires was a real find. I have never seen and touched so many beautiful flannels. As we were driving, I had decided that I was going to put a tree or a wreath in the center of the twelve friendship blocks we made and shared for a Christmas quilt. I found the pattern for the wreath at Creative Fires. One of the very pleasant staff told me that the owners started out selling stoves, then Bernina sewing machines and one of the customers asked Kathryn why she didn't sell fabric as well, thus the name Creative Fires.
The pattern book I bought for the wreath is one of Eleanor Burns books but in the shop they have the wreath done in four different fabric types for the four seasons. I took a picture which I will download when we get home on Saturday.
The great part about finding this shop is that they are building a new web site and you can order from them online. Check it out!

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  1. Sounds like you've had a wonderful trip. Gorgeous scenery, interesting quilt shops, not having to cook or wash your own dishes - my idea of a vacation.