Monday, April 12, 2010

A Stash Request

Many of you know that I am an educator. Actually my role at this point in my career is as an educational consultant working with administrators and teachers across South Dakota who are trying to improve the education and achievement of students. This week I am staying in Valentine Nebraska and traveling about 30 miles west and north to the Rosebud Indian Reservation to the St Francis Indian School. For a year now, my staff and I have been coaching teachers and I have gotten to know a beautiful Lakota woman who teaches in the school. Marion teaches beading, quilting, cooking, and it is evident she cares deeply for the students. She needs an iron and I plan to bring her one of mine from when we had two households. There are many warehouses that send their ends to schools like this but we all know what that fabric might be like. I don't have to reiterate the poverty found in this part of our country either. Sew in order for Marion to encourage her students and provide materials appealing to their eyes, I would like to request your help. She will use the fabric when school starts in the fall and having some projects and fabric to show students will help up recruit students to take the classes. What I would like to ask is for each of you to select a couple of fat quarters cluttering your stash (you don't have a real need for them now) and mail them to Marion. Let's call it "Fabrics For Fall". Please send this stash request on to others in blog land and who knows what they can do.
Mail your Fabrics For Fall to:
Marion Running Horse
PO Box 379
St Francis, South Dakota 57572-0379

If you pass this clip art on, then we can make big things happen!


  1. DocSly. I'll not only send your post on to friends that might not yet know you, I'll be on the lookout for fabric in the bargain bins that I can afford to buy on my limited income and send them on to Marion. When I had my frame shop I donated mat board scraps to schools and to a lady that taught art for Elder Care in the town where I lived. It afforded me great satisfaction to share what would have been 'trash' to a lot of framers but was treasure to the teachers who had to make do with so little or to buy supplies out of their own pockets so please know that anything you can do DOES make a difference.


  2. I know I've got a fat quarter (or two or three) I'm happy to spare to the cause! I'll post about it on my blog today, too! Hugs! :)

  3. I've added your request to my blog and also passed it along in an email to a blog called Stash Manicure that I've been following. What better way could we find to give a little manicure to our stashes?

  4. Are you still accepting fabric for this project?