Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colorful Scenery and Quilt Shops

In Morgantown this morning I found what I overheard a fellow quilter call "heaven".  It was Martin's Country Market and the Hayloft Fabrics .  Actually, there was a balcony loft all around the perimeter of the market and it had a most bountiful display of fabrics.  They do ship fabrics via their website.http://hayloftfabrics.com/  They had a special of 15% off the end of a bolt and I found a number of pieces that will help keep my stash healthy.  Then we traveled north west beyond Reinholds on Route 897 to Burkholder's Fabrics.  This was another amazing find.  I bought something special for my sister-in-law who is watching our dog while we meander the countryside.  They had panels like I have never seen before and fabrics of all sorts that were arranged by designer, color, etc.  We had a delicious lunch at the Brickerville House, Shoppes, and Family Restaurant and lo and behold, Vince found a yarn shop.  "Ball and Skein"  I bought a pattern and some yummy yarn to make Magdalyn a sweater and hat.  I knitted while Vince drove us north through the long ridges of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  I am making some Christmas presents which I will show later.  It was a very colorful day what with scenery and fabrics.

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