Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Sweet Sunday

Vince and I were up very early again as he wanted to go to the antique malls over by Adamsville where he hoped to find some more saws and files for his workshop.  I am so glad he has a wood working hobby as it ofsets my fabric sins.  We went to three major sites.  The first had some very great deals on loads of items however, it has begun to get scarey when one calls "antique" something I had in my childhood.  There were over three hundred dealers inside and outside.  The second site was all outside and everything was "on sale".  We think it might have been the last of the major weekends for these dealers and the less "stuff" they had to box, the better.  I found a wicker head shape to display my knitted hats upon.  The third Antique Mall was very upscale and had some very beautiful furniture pieces.  Vince did find a "spoke shave" at this site and was quite happy.  All in all, it was a beautfiul day to walk and browse the treasures.

We came back to Hershey and went to Chocolate World which is very near where we are staying.  A family friendly spot with loads of little ones on this sweet Sunday.  I loved the figures adorning the building where we spent a brief amount of time learning about how chocolate is made.  Milton Hershey was a very benevolent soul.

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