Saturday, February 26, 2011

D@&$ Rotator Cuff

I went upstairs to my clean quilting room to try to do some work and I can't even lift the iron due to the tear in the rotatro cuff.  I will persist tomorrow as if I can atleast sew the binding on some boutique burpees, I could do the hand work after the surgery on Tuesday.  I though of yet another UFO, I have started a "present" pattern lap quilt I need to add to the list. 


  1. Hope all goes well with your shoulder.

    Have you been up in that balloon?? I had a ride in one two years ago. Just loved it.

  2. Maria, I wished we lived closer, I know we would be great friends.

  3. If I were there close to you Doc, I would do the ironing for you... I just know all will go well with your surgery and you'll come back stronger than before. Just do what the doctor tells you!

    Hugs from Oklahoma!