Thursday, February 24, 2011

Far Too Long

I have been knitting and doing a little quilting but it seems the shoulder will not allow me to lift the iron to press so I don't get too much done without pain.  I have set a goal to complete many unfinished objects folded neatly in the quilting room.  Last month Vince and I moved shelving around and added some shelves to the closet off my quilting room and I did a major cleaning job.  I decided I would not buy any fabric unless I needed it to finish a UFO.  I must stick with this.  Sew. . . this is a start to the list:  a diaper bag for Cathy's daughter-in-law (the baby was born last week, oops), a beautiful Woodland greetings quilt for our bed (the charm packs were a gift from a friend who knows I love cardinals), the Christmas star blocks from a share-a-block project need to be put together into a quilt, the Wildflowers blocks from a share-a-block project need to be put together into a quilt, and now I have started the Saturday Sampler at the Pin Cushion and must complete my block each month (I selected the batik colorway).  That is a start.  I am going to add a picture of Magdalyn in the dress I knit for her first Valentine's Day.  She is eight months old.


  1. Oh what a beautiful dress you knitted for Magdalyn. she is so cute in it.

  2. That little dress is just too cute - and so is the baby!!

    We'll be thinking about you on Tuesday. You'll mend quickly and it will be good not to have the pain in that shoulder any more.