Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hand Muff for a little person

When I was a little girl I had a muff that I carried to keep my hands warm.  With all of the repurposing ideas floating around, I decided to have some fun with a pair of my wool socks having a hole in the heal.  First I cut the top (luckily these have stripes and it made that easy) right above the heal and I gently zigzaged a hem in each top.  These will make little leggings for my granddaughter.  Be careful not to stretch too much but you will get a little bit of a flair.  I have done this with socks before.  Now come the new creative part.
Then I cut the foot just below the heal part.  Obviously the heal is scrap and I threw that bit away.  Now about the hand muffs-  Turn the socks inside out so that the right side of the sock will be where the little hands will go.  I then overlapped the toes of the socks so that inside the muff the little fingers will ouch easily.

I tucked the outside tube into one end of the sock tube and stitched by machine.  Then pull the outside out and turn it over the inside tube.  I hand stitched the other end to finish.

 I made a tube with scrap of quilting batting.  This is wool batting so I wanted the extra warmth.  I stitched around each end of the tube which was wide enough to match the cut end of each sock.  The tube is about 10 inches long.  I then took a scrap of some soft fuzzy material and made another tube by stitching the right sides together.


  1. Very clever. And cute. I have more scraps of the fuzzy stuff if you need more.

  2. How creative... love the socks and what a fun way to repurpose them! Growing up in Oklahoma I never had a a muff and as active and outdoorsy as I was growing up I would probably have lost it but you having had one and with your artistic eye you were able to make something delightful for your granddaughter.

    Thank you for sharing!