Monday, March 7, 2011

No names to protect the . . .

So, I suggest to a friend, we get together and try to complete the first block of our new Saturday Sampler since we both quit last year's cause it "was way too difficult" for us beginners.  This new pattern is very straight forward and could not look simpler on paper.  Now remember, I am on "drugs" for the pain after shoulder surgery so all I am good for is reading and pinning.  My visiting nurse, dear little sister-in-law, is not a quilter but we arm her with the iron (what can she mess us with that) and eventually to assist with project, the rotary cutter (I know that is not safe practice for beginner).  Quilting friend is at the machine.  Well I can't remember how the bobbin goes without sitting down in front of maching and I am hooked up to the Polar Ice Machine so we maneuver until we get the machine threaded with white thread instead of red.  Then I begin to read and sort out the batiks squares and discern what is considered light and what is considered dark and then get our two sets of batik squares fully integrated (that could be disaster but didn't seem so at the time).  We commence work and get a real system going.  Do step number 1 for both blocks and begin step two.  Seems like step 2 is a repeat of step one, just using different color blocks.  Well, that is when the "drug stupor" kicked in because if I had been in a better mental state, I would have notices I had underlined "DO NOT TRIM" in the directions and thus things went down hill from there.  We laughed and played frogy "rippit-rippit" but as we all know, once we have trimmed, we have trimmed.  Cindy's voice came back to me, "if you mess up don't come into the shop and ask for more fabric cause . . ."  Let us just say "Block #1 is finished.


  1. Innocent??? Who's innocent??? Sorry, guilty as charged :)

  2. I did exactly the same thing!!!!!
    My boss lady gave me a box of fabric for St. Francis. I will bring on Sat. I know you are recouperating from surgery, but if you aren't there, hopefully Sara will be.