Monday, March 14, 2011

Time out for organization

It is quite frustrating to have time to quilt but not having the physical ability to quilt for very long at a time.  I am able to stitch things as long as it doesn't weigh too much and I can keep my right hand in front of me by my chest.  I am unable to cut and I am learning to press with my left hand and arm.  I never realized how much our shoulder is involved in everyday arm and hand movements.  Oh well, I will survive.
In the meantime, I asked my man to place all of my Christmas/holiday/winter fabric into the master bedroom so I could sit on the floor and sort pieces into plastic tubs for more organized storage in the hall closet.  I bought the plastic tubs that stand about 8 inches deep and are about 16 by 24 inches rectagularly from WalMart.  I am using old conference plastic name badge holders to label the tubs.  I used to use permanent marker and write on the tub but this way I can designate the storage without permanence.  I sit with the ice on my shoulder and am inspired with projects that will lend to my organizational realm.  Consequently, two drawers, one box and a small three drawer chest were consolidated into four tubs.  One tub has all of my Christmas fat quarters, one has primarily red and green large pieces, one tub has coordinated fabrics for projects, and the final tub has smaller cuts in all colors.  I still have one small drawer in the chest that has bits and pieces (scraps).
Also today I took better stock of my UFOs.  I realized I have projects that I have not even started and was listing them as unfinished.  That is really disgusting!  I have enough UFOs that I don't need to add the purchased but not started projects also. 
The show and tell at Saturday Sampler was amazing.  I admire the colors and work of talented people.  The "ooo and ahhhh" meter is fun.  I decided I would finish one queen size quilt before next Saturday Sampler (April 9) and one table runner for my dining room.  I spent some time today laying out the grid for the Wildflowers blocks that we made for the scholarship quilt and what I wanted to add to make the top big enough for our bed.  I am making thirteen pinwheel blocks to add.  I don't know what I will make for the runner but I have significant stash to use.  I also have to finish one diaper bag, 10 squares for benefit quilt, and one star block for a project I read about on one of my favorite blogs  There I have set my goal and will probably be able to spend about an hour each day (since I am on leave from work) quilting.

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  1. Organization is an enviable goal. And it should make the other goals easier to work on. You've inspired me to tackle another drawer in my own sewing room.