Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fireplace on and spring cleaning the sun porch

I can't believe how such a pleasant little room can get so nasty.  Go figure as plants drop leaves, pets reside here in the sunny windows and dust just multiplies if ignored.  So I am spending my feet time today in this room.  I have the gas fireplace blazing and some Josh Groban crooning to help me focus on the finished product.
Vince is outside again for his therapeutic activity.  He put the solid paver top row on the western of the three beds.  It looks amazing!  He had an uncle who was a mason and built at least two beautiful churches, one in Spearfish and one in Rapd City, South Dakota.  I think Vince has it in is genes.
My knees have told me it is time for ice and elevation.  Now I get to read snout what my blogger friends are doing.  Will attach a beautiful maple table Vince made for me.  Two old tangle leaves someone had painted found in a garage and given to him.  The base has a story!  My "little sister" (story for another day) found he base in an alley dumpster and stored it in her garage for a couple of years .  She took it to Restore and while visiting her last summer I found it in the Restore store.  Not having any idea of anything she walked up and asked why I was holding it.  I said I am going to buy it and we giggled for over an hour about OUR great taste.

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