Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh my where do I begin

Having a good start on my second total knee replacement gives me significant time on ice thinking about what I would if I could be doing.  I get up and advance a plan only to have to sit again and ice for awhile.  The Dr. said I was doing remarkedly well and he was impressed.  I left his office yesterday with 30 less staples.
This is the time of year when I re-pot and re-virtualized my plants inside so that some can move back outside.  I plan e-mail my lifelong friend Jane about some herb planting.  She has a phenomenal blog called Thyme for Herbs.  I have some magic way of killing herbs and I am convinced this year I can have some in containers on the deck.
Vince has decided to give his raised beds total wall replacements. First we laid green timbers and when those began to give we started stacking bricks but now he has ripped all out, laid footings and is putting the bricks itch mortar so we no longer have soil leaching out.  It is looking so great.  Kevin has been helping him and it is a blessing to see Vince pushing himself.
I have not been doing much quilting as I cannot sit at the machine for long at a time.  I have lots of UFOs that haunt me.  My friend Sara is one who sets goals and accomplishes wonders.  I have a delightful knitting project started for an autumn birthday.  Since it is on size 3 needles I keep working as I recuperate.  I love the colors in it.
It is delightful to see a blue sky, hear the birdsong, and finally have no snow.  I will try to attach a picture of raised beds.  Have to learn how to do that.

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  1. My UFOs were haunting me too, which is why I've had to start setting goals. It has helped a lot, but I may never reach the end of my UFO list. I did meet my first May goal today - cleaning and organizing my cutting area. Yay!!