Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday - all day

I challenged myself to drive to the Walmart to shop for some necessary items.  I was in the store walking for about an hour.   When I got home I knew I had pushed myself but I was OK.
I  was able to finish re-potting the planters damaged by the hail last summer.  Now I have a room full of plants ready to be released to the deck.  Now we have to wait for warmer air.
Vince worked on the raised beds as he wants to be finished by Tuesday night so he is ready for the Sandostatin injection by the oncologist onWednesday.  The beds look so awesome and it is such an improvement.
I spent some time this afternoon knitting on "the gift".  It is so relaxing for me even though the needles are size 3.  It grows very slowly however.
I was able to find some adhesive so I could bond a small glass dish and an old vase to create a soirée of water for birds and butterflies. I will place the piece in one of my planters.  I will take a picture when everything is moved to the deck.
Spent a little time Pinterest as well.  Just gets my creative juices going!  Last year I painted clay pots and bonded those together for added color to the yard.  I gave those a shot of paint today.  All in all I didn't feel like I got much done but it seems to have added up.

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